Fr-INV-SYM6-4 - The Economic Crisis: Policies And Procedures Reviewed

Invited Symposium
Friday May 19   04:15 PM to 05:15 PM (1 hour)
Elan Theatre
Contribution 3
The Economic Crisis: Policies and Procedures Reviewed
Prof. Ritsa Fotinatos-Ventouratos
The American College of Greece, Greece.
The global economic crisis which commenced in 2008, brought with it a host of problems previously unknown and unseen in history, with major repercussions being felt at the organizational, personal and societal levels.  For I/O Psychologists, in Greece these changes and uncertainties have created a total transformation of the workplace, bringing with it unique stressors and strains that have to be confronted on a daily basis. Following seven years of global recession, I demonstrate the close and vicious interrelationship between human attitudes and behavior on the one hand, and unemployment, poverty, mortgage default and human ill-health on the other. Translated into organizational costs and consequences, the current economic crisis has brought with it substantial challenges ranging from longer working hours, heavier workload, insecure working environment, micro-management practices and a different form of psychological contract. I consider I/O psychology contribution to work in a context of deep and unprecedented uncertainty and economic turbulence. 

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