Fr-INV-SYM6-5 - Aliens Have Landed - How To Bridge The Different Universes Of Science And Policy Makers

Invited Symposium
Friday May 19   04:15 PM to 05:15 PM (1 hour)
Elan Theatre
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Aliens have landed - How to bridge the different universes of science and policy makers
Dr. Tor Levin Hofgaard, president, Norwegian Psychological Association
Many of us, representing a professional filed, see it as our aim to make our knowledge mean something for our community. Not just for individuals or organizations, but for our country, region or the world. But how do you get from your science lab, your statistical formulas or your fabulous practice, to those who make the decisions? How do we get into the room? And how do we make them remember us, after we have left the room. If the answers you have in mind are; show them the graphs, the numbers, the hard irrefutable science and facts. You are welcome to hear a different story.
This talk will focus on what we you need to do to make your message survive in a landscape of post-truth and alternative facts. And where what we bring to the table is viewed just as another opinion. It will tell the stories about how implementing basic knowledge of psychology and communication can have huge impact on the way advocacy is done. And how realizing that science and politicians have a completely different concept of evidence, time frame, communication style and working environment, make us get our message through and contribute to real changes.

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