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Outcomes of constructive/destructive leadership
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Leadership and management
Outcomes of constructive/destructive leadership
Vertical and shared leadership in schools: a diary study on the effects of leadership in teachers daily work life
R. Windlinger 1,*, U. Hostettler 1, P. Klumb 2
1Pädagogische Hochschule Bern, Bern, 2University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland
Purpose: Leadership is known to be a central factor in school quality. So far most studies on leadership in schools were cross-sectional and focused on vertical leadership by the principal. The goal of our study was to shed light on the effects of both vertical and shared leadership in teachers’ daily work life.
Design/methodology: 72 teachers from 15 schools in Switzerland completed a questionnaire on vertical and shared leadership (Piecha & Wegge 2012). The following 10-day diary study (two measurement points per day) assessed interactions at work, momentary affect, and state work engagement. We used multilevel analyses to deal with the dependencies in the data.
Results: We found differential effects of constructive shared and vertical leadership on daily experiences of teachers. Constructive shared leadership was only related to the quality of interactions at work, specifically to a higher satisfaction with the results. Constructive vertical leadership at the school level was related to daily positive affect and state work engagement. There was no relationship with the experience of work interactions but constructive vertical leadership buffered the negative relationship between negative interactions and work engagement.
Limitations: The study is based on a limited sample of schools, so far. All the measures are self-reports.
Research/Practical implications: The importance of constructive vertical leadership is highlighted. Results may enhance school leadership training.
Originality/Value: To our knowledge the research is the first to examine the differential effects of vertical and shared leadership in a school setting.

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