Fr-OR-S102-6 - It's Not Easy Being Green: The Role Of Intrapreneurship And Environmental Organizational Citizenship Behavior Of Purchasers On Sustainability.

Sustainable development
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Ethics and Sustainability
Sustainable development
It’s not easy being green: The role of intrapreneurship and environmental organizational citizenship behavior of purchasers on sustainability.
P. Neessen 1,*, M. Caniëls 1, B. Vos 2, J. de Jong 1
1Open University of the Netherlands, Heerlen, 2Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands
Content: Purpose: This study focusses on the employee, specifically purchasers, within the context of circular economy. The aim of this study is to analyze how intrapreneurship and environmental organizational citizenship behavior (OCBE) of the purchaser affects the number of sustainable initiatives within organizations.  The theory of planned behavior is used to research the relations between intrapreneurial behavior, OCBE, environmental norms and beliefs.
Design/Methodology: This study is based on data collected via a survey. The participants are purchasers working in non-profit and profit organizations in the Netherlands.
Results: We find a positive effect of intrapreneurial behavior and OCBE on the number of sustainable initiatives. Additionally, the interaction between intrapreneurial behavior and OCBE elicits a stronger effect on the number of initiatives. Environmental norms and beliefs play a significant role in the emergence of intrapreneurial behavior and OCBE.
Limitations. The study focusses on a specific function, namely purchasers. The results are limited to purchasers and cannot be generalized to other types of employees. 
Research/Practical Implications. The role of employees is changing, due to the trend that the organizations would like to stimulate sustainable projects. This research sheds a light on these changing requirements and investigates the effects of intrapreneurship in combination with OCBE. The results are used to facilitate organizations and purchasers to meet their sustainability goals.
Originality/Value. We combine literature on intrapreneurship and OCBE and indicate it’s importance in initiating bottom-up sustainable initiatives. 

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