Fr-OR-S105-1 - Incivility And Safety: The Role Of Transformational Leadership

Counterproductive Work Behavior
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Friday May 19   04:15 PM to 04:30 PM (15 minutes)
Conflict in organizations
Counterproductive Work Behavior
Incivility and Safety: The Role of Transformational Leadership
L. C. Roll 1,*, O.-L. Siu 2
1Optentia Research Programme, North-West University, Optentia Research Programme, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, 2Applied Psychology, Lingnan University, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Content:         -  Purpose
A healthy work environment requires effective work relationships. Workplace incivility, defined as rude behaviour of low intensity like condescending remarks, impacts employee level of emotional exhaustion. Emotional exhaustion has been suggested as a risk factor for employee safety and related to reduced innovative work behaviour (IWB). Therefore, we examine whether experienced workplace incivility impacts employee accident rates, occupational injuries and IWB through emotional exhaustion. Furthermore, we investigate whether transformational leadership as an antecedent can combat incivility.
        -  Design/Methodology
Surveys were collected from 198 nurses in Hong Kong in July 2016. All scales were translated into Cantonese using back-and-forth translation. We tested our measurement and hypothesized structural models via structural equation modeling (SEM) in Mplus 7.0.
        -  Results
Fit indices revealed that the hypothesized five-factor measurement model (excluding the single-item measures of accident rates and occupational injuries) was a better fit than any alternative nested model. Results of a series of nested model comparisons and bootstrapping confirmed our multiple mediator model.
        -  Limitations
The cross-sectional design does not allow to draw conclusions regarding causation.
        -  Research/Practical Implications
The present study has both theoretical and practical value as it provides support for experienced workplace incivility as a risk factor for accidents and occupational injuries, while reducing IWB. Moreover, transformational leaders can buffer the experience of workplace incivility and its consequences.
        -  Originality/Value
This study demonstrates the potential dangers of uncivil behaviour at the workplace, while also providing an approach for improving civility through transformational leadership.

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