Fr-OR-S60-1 - Is It Really Worth It? Looking Into The Effects Of Rumination On Stress And Performance.

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Performance and productivity
Is it really worth it? Looking into the effects of rumination on stress and performance.
S. Krys*, K.-P. Otte 1, K. Knipfer 2
1Psychological Institute, University Kiel, Kiel, 2TUM School of Management, Munich, Germany
Content: Purpose. Negative events can make a discrepancy between a current and desired status more salient. If this mismatch is perceived as beyond control, one is rather prone to response in a ruminative way. This study aims to replicate findings concerning the causal dependency between rumination and negative affects and shed lights on the detrimental mechanisms affecting performance.
Design/Methodology. In a three-wave longitudinal study we examined N = 104 college students (82% female), who prepared for an important statistic exam.
Results. Two cross-lagged panel designs integrating autoregressive effects using Bayesian structural equation modelling reveal that rumination predicts perceived stress and strain at the following point, but not vice versa. Mediation analysis shows that stress mediates the relationship between rumination and performance, with a direct positive effect of rumination on performance and stress, and a negative effect of stress on performance. The total effect is non-significant, whereas the indirect effect is negative.
Limitations. Because data were collected in a student sample, findings may not be generalized to organizational participants.
Research/Practical Implications. The positive effects of rumination on performance are diminished by the negative effects of stress on performance. This indicates that rumination is not worth the effort and one might use rather alternative cognitive strategies to deal with a problem.
Originality/Value. Rumination is an important vulnerability factor for the development of psychopathologies, increased well-being and affected problem-solving. Furthermore, longitudinal research in the field of mundane rumination is rather spare and quite a few studies are placing rumination only in the larger clinical context. 

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