Fr-OR-S61-4 - Fostering Employee Gentleness Through Organisational Routines And Resources

Emotions and organizational contexts
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Emotion in the workplace
Emotions and organizational contexts
Fostering employee gentleness through organisational routines and resources
D. Holman 1,*, C. Mumford 1, M. Nagington 2, L. McCann 1
1Alliance Manchester Business School, 2School of Nursing, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
Content: Fostering employee gentleness through organisational routines and resources
Purpose The aims of this study are to define employee gentleness and to understand how it is fostered in caregiving contexts. 
Methodology Data were derived from two interview-based and three ethnographic studies in various care organisations, e.g., social work, hospice, nursing home.  The data, gathered from 80 days of observation and 40 semi-structured interviews of staff and patients, were analysed using grounded theory.
Results Analysis revealed employee gentleness to be a form of care giving with three key characteristics a) a soft and slow approach, e.g., soft voice and touch, patience, persistence b) dynamic affiliation behaviour, i.e., switching betweenfriendly guidance and attentiveness’ to direct the care process and ‘warm responsiveness’ to react compassionately to patient need using acts that convey understanding and non-judgemental acceptance (Reis & Shaver, 1988) c) regulating patient affect, whilst regulating own feelings and affect expressions. 
Acts of employee gentleness are fostered by formal and informal organisational caregiving routines (including enquiry routines, e.g., patient assessments, greetings; attention routines, e.g., collective note reading; validation routines, e.g., celebrations; emotion routines, e.g., collective reframing, Kahn, 1993, Dutton, 2006) combined with organisational resources such as job autonomy, social support and organisational norms about intimacy and emotion. 
Limitations Transferability of the findings to other care contexts needs establishing. 
Research/Practical Implications The results can be used to foster organisational care giving.
Originality/Value The first empirical study showing how employee gentleness is fostered in organisations and to define organisational caregiving routines.  

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