Fr-OR-S62-1 - Too Good To Be True? The Influence Of Perceived Authenticity Of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities On Organizational Attractiveness

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Social Responsibility
Too good to be true? The influence of perceived authenticity of Corporate Social Responsibility activities on organizational attractiveness
K. Heinitz*, J. Hammerschmidt
Content: Purpose
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are being incorporated more and more into organizational strategies, failure in CSR-related issues can lead to serious consequences. Perceiving CSR actions as authentic is one of the critical aspects for their success, for example when it comes to organizational attractiveness. By communicating their CSR activities, the organization sends out positive signals about the workplace to job seekers, but how positive these signals are valued can depend on the perception of their authenticity.
In order to test the effect of the perceived authenticity of CSR activities on organizational attractiveness, we used a scenario design with the between subject factor authenticity (authentic vs. inauthentic CSR activities). Authenticity was manipulated using the framework of McShane and Cunningham. Participants (N = 146) were randomized in one of the groups and presented with an online portrait of the fictitious organization EULE before answering an online questionnaire. In a pre-test, we checked that the scenarios only differed in the level of authenticity, but not in the level of perceived CSR activities.
T-tests for independent samples confirmed the effect of CSR authenticity on organizational attractiveness.
Our results are limited to student samples and might have been affected by the online scenario.
Research/Practical Implications
The results confirm the insights into the importance of authentic CSR activities, resulting in the practical advice for organizations: do it, but mean it.
To our knowledge, this study is the first to empirically test the effect of CSR authenticity on organizational attractiveness.

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