Fr-OR-S63-1 - Wisdom And Altruism In Entrepreneurship: Comparing Social Entrepreneurs To Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial personality and entrepreneurial decision making
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15 minutes
Entrepreneurship/Self employment
Entrepreneurial personality and entrepreneurial decision making
Wisdom and Altrusim in Entrepreneurship: Comparing Social Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs
S. Arıkan 1,*, E. Y. Saatçi 2
1Psychology, İstanbul Medeniyet Üniversitesi, 2Business Administration, Okan Universitesi, İstanbul, Turkey
Content: Besides philosophers, today wisdom has been a subject of inquiry for psychologists, sociologists and other social scientists as well. We tried to understand wisdom in entrepreneurship by comparing the social entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs by using Monika Ardelt's Three Dimensional Model of Wisdom (2011) on 355 subjects. In addition, the association of wisdom dimensions to altruism was scrutinized for both entrepreneur groups by using Self Report Altruism Scale of Rushton, Chrisjohn, and Fekken (1981). The results showed that social entrepreneurs had significantly higher scores in all dimensions of wisdom (Reflective: t346:-5.759, p<.01; Affective: t346:-3.642, p<.01; and Cognitive: t331: -21.928, p<.01). Moreover reflective and affective dimensions of wisdom were found to predict altruism scores of all entrepreneurs (R2:.26, F:62.550, P<.01; ßreflective:.312, p<.01; ßaffective:.273, p<.01). Besides these results, all the subdimensions of two constructs were compared for both groups and significant differences were found. In addition, the relationship between wisdom and altruism dimensions also varied for two groups. These differences shed light on the importance of wisdom and altruism on social entrepreneurship and help us to understand the basic dynamics of social entrepreneurship.   

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