Fr-OR-S66-4 - Physicians’ Perceptions Of Psychological Safety Climate And Performance Feedback In A Multi-Specialty Survey

Safety climate and safety culture
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Friday May 19   09:45 AM to 10:00 AM (15 minutes)
Occupational and organizational safety
Safety climate and safety culture
Physicians’ perceptions of psychological safety climate and performance feedback in a multi-specialty survey
R. Scheepers*, M. van den Goor, O. Arah, M. J. Heineman, K. Lombarts
Content: Purpose
Physicians’ continuous learning and improvement can, among others, be facilitated by performance feedback of their peers. Research shows that learning behaviors and knowledge sharing are stimulated in teams with more psychological safety. However, it is unknown whether higher psychological safety also stimulates physicians to provide more performance feedback to their peers. In this study, we researched the association between psychological safety and performance feedback.
Physicians completed validated scales on psychological safety (using Edmondson’s 7-item scale) and performance feedback (using the 5-item feedback subscale of the System for Evaluation of Teaching Qualities). In total, 105 physicians (86.8%) participated in our study. We conducted principal components analysis and multivariable adjusted linear regression analysis in SPSS.
Internal consistency was found to be acceptable to good with Cronbach’s alpha being 0.76 for psychological safety and 0.80 for performance feedback. Physicians’ evaluations of psychological safety were positively associated with the degree of performance feedback received from their colleagues (B = 0.54, 95% CI = 0.34-0.73, P value <0.001).
The observational design of the study does not guarantee causality.
Research/Practical Implications
Physicians who perceive more psychological safety within their team are also more likely to report receiving performance feedback from their peers. As performance feedback is one of the keys to performance improvement, medical teams should invest in psychological safety.
This new study was the first to link psychological safety to performance feedback of physicians specifically.

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