Fr-OR-S72-3 - Transformational Leadership And Team Creative Processes: Do Leaders’ Motivations Matter?

Team work, creativity and innovation
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Teams and workgroups
Team work, creativity and innovation
Transformational leadership and team creative processes: Do leaders’ motivations matter?
C. F. Peralta 1,*
1Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom
Content: Purpose
Drawing upon self-determination theory, this study examines the role of leaders’ motivational orientations in the relationship between transformational leadership and team creative processes. This is important because if the transformational leadership-team creative processes relationship is contingent on leaders’ motivations, current theory likely understate the full impact of motivation in leadership.
74 teams (74 leaders, 295 members) participated in a cross-sectional study involving multiple-source data.
The transformational leadership-team creative processes relationship was linear or curvilinear, depending on the type and level of leaders’ motivation. Intensive displays of transformational behaviors enhanced team creative processes, regardless of leaders’ motivations. For relatively low levels of transformational behaviors, leaders’ motivations shaped the association with team creative processes.
Data were collected only in one culture. Further research is required before generalizing these findings to other cultures.
Research/Practical Implications
To drive creative processes in a team, the intensity of transformational behaviors needs to be adjusted, according to the leader’s prevalent motivation. A leader that understands his/her underlying motivations is better positioned to display transformational behaviors that actually increase team creative processes.
This study makes two main contributions. First, it answer calls for research to further examine the joint effects of leaders’ motivational orientations and styles on team creativity. Second, this study aims to advance not only understanding of the leader’s motivations that enhance or hinder the transformational leadership-team creative processes relationship, but also understanding of how much transformational leadership is required to enhance team creative processes under specific motivations.

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