Fr-OR-S75-4 - Why Employees Need A Break From Work: A Multilevel Mediation Examining The Mechanisms Of Daily Sleep Quality And Affect.

Recovery and unwinding
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Employee stress and burnout
Recovery and unwinding
Why employees need a break from work: A multilevel mediation examining the mechanisms of daily sleep quality and affect.
D. Luta, E. Pogrebtsova 1,*, J. Spence 1
1Psychology, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
Content: -      Purpose
Psychological detachment, or the experience of disengaging from work during non-work hours, involves distancing oneself from work both physically and mentally (Sonnentag & Fritz, 2007). Research has highlighted the importance of detachment for improving work performance and promoting positive functioning (Kinnunen, Feldt, Siltaloppi, & Sonnentag, 2011). However, little research to date has examined how detachment actually facilitates these extended benefits. The present study addressed this gap by examining how psychological detachment may elevate work engagement (i.e., vigor, dedication and absorption). 
-      Design/Methodology 
One hundred and thirty-nine North American full-time employees completed a 2-week daily diary study, reporting their daily levels of detachment, affect, sleep quality and work engagement.
-      Results
Results from a parallel mediation analysis showed that daily sleep quality and positive affect partially mediated the positive relation between psychological detachment and work engagement with a small effect size. However, negative affect did not significantly mediate this relation. 
-      Research/Practical Implications
This study highlights that both the physiological (i.e., sleep quality) and emotional (i.e., positive affect) benefits of detachment experiences may be explaining the previously unanswered question of why downtime promotes work engagement.
-      Originality/Value
To our knowledge, this is the first study to provide insight into how and under which conditions detachment facilitates employee work engagement 

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