Fr-OR-S81-1 - How Dose Subordinates Follow Their Managers? The Effect Of Leader Humility And Follower Work Engagement

Leadership and followership
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Friday May 19   10:15 AM to 10:30 AM (15 minutes)
Leadership and management
Leadership and followership
How dose subordinates follow their managers? The effect of leader humility and follower work engagement
H. Ikeda*
Content: Purpose
It is well known that followers and followership are essential to leadership. However, despite there being a tremendous amount of research on leadership (Bass, 2008), until recently little attention has been paid to followership. Furthermore, less is known that how dose subordinates follow their managers. This study aims to empirically examine the factors that influence followership. Followers are involved in active engagement with the leader. Therefore, the present study focuses on leader humility (Owens et al., 2013) that improves follower work engagement and empowers followers. 
A survey was conducted of 1920 teachers in 64 Japanese schools. The teachers answered questions about their leader’s humility (Owens et al., 2013) and their own work engagement (Shimazu, 2008) and followership (Kelley, 1992). 
To examine this purpose, we conducted mediation analysis. The findings show that the effects of leader humility had positive relationship on two dimensions of followership—independent thinking and active engagement. However, the positive main effect of leader humility on followership was significantly decreased, when follower work engagement was included in the regression analysis. 
These findings are based on surveys conducted in schools. In order to generalize these findings, it will be necessary to survey other kinds of organizations. 
Research/Practical Implications
The results of this study suggest that to exhibit followership, followers need to be motivated to engage in work, and more importantly, leaders should possess a humble attitude. 
This study identifies the function and role of leader humility as a source of followership.

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