Fr-OR-S81-4 - We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends: Shared Leadership And The Future Of Organizational Leadership

Leadership and followership
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Leadership and management
Leadership and followership
We get by with a little help from our friends:  Shared Leadership and the future of Organizational Leadership
J. McCleskey 1,*
1Management, Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, UT, United States
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As baby boomers enter retirement and millennials enter leadership positions, the paradigms and models of leadership must be reexamined, and possibly swept away.  Shared leadership theory appears ripe for a renaissance.  Leadership is shared in teams where any member can step into a leadership role, provided that she sees a need and believes she is competent, and call attention to that need and enact the role of team leader (Bass, 2008).  Shared leadership is closely related to, and sometimes viewed as synonymous with Distributed leadership although each enjoys a distinct history in the literature (Burke, Diaz Granados, & Salas, 2011). 
New Perspectives and Contributions
Recent data described by Morgan (2015) supports three propositions.  Prop1: Millennials seek participation as organizational leaders. Prop2:  Millennials, due to their preferences for highly social and connected interactions in the workplace and in their personal lives, are more open to the idea of Shared leadership.  Prop3: Shared leadership is a more effective model than vertical leadership.
Research/Practical Implications
Studies of millennials leadership interests and preferences, along with an examination of Shared leadership in workplace teams will be needed to verify these propositions.  Accordingly, organizations should begin to implement Shared leadership programs and transition further away from vertical leadership models over the next decade in preparation for a workplace made up primarily of millennials. 
A discussion of the leadership preferences of millennials, the theory of Shared leadership, and an agenda for additional research into these issues is provided.
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