Fr-OR-S85-4 - Airmanship Definition And Implications For Pilot Training Change In Australia

Human factors and ergonomics
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Friday May 19   12:15 PM to 12:30 PM (15 minutes)
Technology, work-design and human-machine-systems
Human factors and ergonomics
Airmanship definition and implications for pilot training change in Australia
K. Carrick 1,*, K. Chalmers 1
1Psychology, UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE, Callaghan, Australia
Content: Purpose
Airmanship is considered to play a crucial role in maintaining safe flight, but the understanding of airmanship varies widely. Kern (1997) promotes a redefinition of airmanship that emphasises discipline as a foundation, with various forms of skill and knowledge supporting situation awareness and judgement which then lead to airmanship. However this model was not presented with any empirical support. We propose that asking pilots about airmanship will provide a more informative and useful range of components that contribute to airmanship.
An online survey was completed by 83 pilot participants and interviews were conducted with 39 flying instructors and trainers. These sources provided responses to open-ended questions about the definition of airmanship and inclusion of airmanship in training experiences. We used NVivo 10 to conduct a deductive content analysis of the responses, identifying major themes which combined into conceptual domains of airmanship.
Six domains were determined covering knowledge, personal attributes, preparation, technical skills, non-technical skills and the context within which airmanship develops and is expressed.
We only asked Australian pilots to participate and pilots from different national training systems may have different ideas. Participants were aware that the survey was being conducted through a School of Psychology which may have cued them to emphasise non-technical skills.
Research/Practical implications
Use of an explicit airmanship model in ab-initio training may improve understanding of airmanship among pilots.
This study presents a useable model for the integration of airmanship within the training syllabus for pilots.

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