Fr-OR-S85-6 - Questionable Research Practices In Work & Organizational Psychology: Just How Badly Are We Behaving And What Are The Consequences?

Emerging themes in I/O psychology
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Friday May 19   12:45 PM to 01:00 PM (15 minutes)
Emerging themes in I/O psychology
Questionable Research Practices in Work & Organizational Psychology: Just how badly are we behaving and what are the consequences?
R. Briner*
Content: There is increasing concern among some in the scientific community and the general public about the trustworthiness of scientific findings and the apparently common use of questionable research practices.  This lack of trust is not so much about the scientific method per se but rather about distortions of the scientific method within researcher communities largely as a consequence of the ways in which research activity is organized and rewarded.  Such concern has also spread to psychology with the well-documented failure to replicate or reproduce the results of many classic psychology experiments (Open Science Collaboration, 2015).  Such problems have also been noted in scientific research in work and organizational psychology (e.g., Kepes & McDaniel, 2013; List & McDaniel, 2016).  Questionable research practices such as HARKing and P-hacking mean that we are producing a scientific evidence base which is not as trustworthy as it should be.  This paper consider the extent to which this behaviour is occurring within our discipline and some of the consequences for our practice.

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