Fr-OR-S86-6 - Using Social Network Analysis To Map Management Networks Following Configuration Of A Hospital Network: Does Collective Leadership Emerge Organically?

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Leadership and management
Leadership Development
Using social network analysis to map management networks following configuration of a hospital network: Does collective leadership emerge organically?
A. De Brun 1,*, E. McAuliffe 1
1School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Content: Purpose The recent reorganisation of the Irish health service into networks of hospitals aims to encourage work across boundaries to achieve better integrated pathways of care. There is increasing recognition of the need to shift away from more traditional hierarchical leadership towards the development of collective ways of working that result in sharing leadership roles. This study explores the network of leadership that develops as a result of the configuration of a hospital network and to understand what helps/hinders collective leadership emerging.
Design/Methodology The hospital group senior management team and CEO/GM, Director of Nursing, and Clinical Director of each of the 11 hospitals in the network formed the sample. An online survey is distributed at three time points over a 12-month period to explore the frequency of contact and collaboration between members. Network maps and related metrics including centrality, centralisation, and density, will be generated to understand how the network is operating. Interviews provide insight into these interactions and collaborations.
Results Outcomes of the first two data collection phases will be presented to inform how the network is operating following reconfiguration.
Limitations The potential for respondent burden necessitates that data collection be limited to three time points.
Research/Practical Implications The results will provide insight into how the newly established network is operating and will explore the factors that facilitate/inhibit collective leadership emerging.
Originality/Value Depicting the network at three time points will facilitate our understanding of the dynamic nature of the network, exploring how the network structure may evolve.

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