Fr-OR-S87-3 - A Perfect Match Is Hard To Find: Dealing With Misfit At Work.

Work attitudes and values
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Emotion in the workplace
Work attitudes and values
A perfect match is hard to find: Dealing with misfit at work.
D. Doblhofer 1,*, K. Haas 1, J. Specht 1, D. Frey 1
1Psychology, LMU Munich, Munich, Germany
Content: Purpose
Although person-environment fit has documented relationships with employee wellbeing, the conditions under which employees cope with misfit in a (un)productive way have not been explored, yet. On the basis of person-environment research and conservations of resources theory, we predicted that the relationship between perceived misfit in values (with the workgroup, i.e. PG-fit, and organization, i.e. PO-fit) and employee wellbeing will be moderated by the way the employee deals with the misfit, which in turn will be affected by employee's trust in the supervisor.
We tested our assumptions with two field studies, one team study from 145 employees in 50 workgroups (Study 1) and one longitudinal study with two measurements from 177 employees (Study 2). In both Studies employees assessed PG-fit, the moderators, and their wellbeing. In Study 2 they additionally assessed PO-fit.
Multilevel analyses (Study 1) and path modeling with AMOS (Study 2) partly supported the hypotheses.
We operationalized misfit as a lack of fit and concentrated only on value incongruence.
The findings imply that how employees deal with misfit matters and that the context somehow influences how employees cope.
To our knowledge, our studies are the first to analyze how employees deal with value-misfit at work and shed light on how negative effects on employee wellbeing might be buffered or amplified by how employees deal with misfit and under which conditions the coping strategies are chosen.

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