FR-P01-075 - Knowledge Seeking and Knowledge Type: A Career Perspective

Organizational learning
Poster Presentation
Friday May 19   09:30 AM to 01:00 PM (3 hours 30 minutes)
O'Brien Foyer

Organizational Change and Development
Organizational learning
Knowledge Seeking and Knowledge Type: A Career Perspective
U. Sherman 1,*
1University College Cork, University College Cork, Ireland
Content: Knowledge Management has emerged as a central issue for organisation development researchers. However research to date has only focused on certain knowledge behaviours (e.g. sharing) despite the multi-faceted nature of knowledge management. Indeed, there are multiple behaviours inherent in knowledge management. Accordingly, this paper seeks to call attention to one specific behaviour, namely  'knowledge-seeking', as a means of better understanding employees use of knowledge in organisations. Drawing on research from the wider organisational development field, we identify 'career theory' as a possible antecedent to knowledge seeking behaviours. Specifically, we propose three distinct career types and their respective formative influence on the type of knowledge sought in organisations. A route-map for future researchers exploring this line of enquiry is presented.

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