Symposium 1134 - Change And Innovation-Related Behaviours: Exploring Their Relationship And The Related Organizational And Individual Aspects

Organizational change processes
Friday May 19   10:15 AM to 11:15 AM (1 hour)
Organizational Change and Development
Organizational change processes
Change and innovation-related behaviours: Exploring their relationship and the related organizational and individual aspects
A. Battistelli 1,*, S. Pohl 2
1Laboratory of Psychology EA4139, University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France, 2Centre de recherche en psychologie du travail et de la consommation, Free University Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
Main Abstract Content: Organisations in the last years increased their strategies to promote changes in work roles, organizational processes and demands in terms of tasks and relational performance. In the work and organizational literature, we witness an interest in proactive and innovative behaviours. Potočnik & Anderson (2016) explore the conceptual relationships between these constructs and try to stimulate research in this area. The aim of this symposium is to present some empirical results concerning change and innovation-related constructs and to explore their relationships.
C: first results will be presented on concurrent validity of proactive behaviours such as Voice (V) and Taking charge (TC) and innovative work behaviour (IWB) and after it will be shown that TC and V are antecedents of IWB with mediation of Political skill.
C2: first results will be presented of total mediation of two proactive behaviours (V and TC) in the relationship between proactive personality (PP) and IWB and, the moderated effect of perceived organisational support in PP and proactive behaviours relationship.
C3: first results will be presented of confirmation that personal initiative (PI) and IWB are two different constructs and after the PI as antecedents of IWB and differentiated mediation effect of goal orientation.
C4: first will be introduced the constructive deviance (considered source of innovation), and its relationship with IWB and after the moderation effect of climate for innovation.  
This symposium contributes to the literature by supporting empirical evidence for differentiation between change and innovation-related constructs and the antecedent role played by some proactive behaviours on IWB.

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