Symposium 1153 - Improving Work Engagement And Performance - Part 2

Thursday May 18   01:15 PM to 02:45 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
GM Auditorium
Positive organizational behaviour
Improving Work engagement and Performance – Part 2
A. B. Bakker*
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art. Work engagement has important implications for organizational behavior and outcomes. Engaged employees invest more effort in their work and perform better than those who are less involved. It is therefore crucial to find out which strategies improve work engagement and performance.
New Perspectives/Contributions. This symposium consists of two parts, and brings together ten empirical contributions from six countries, namely Spain, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Greece, and South Africa.  All contributors discuss new individual approaches to improving work engagement, well-being, and job performance, and use sophisticated research designs. More specifically, the papers in the symposium explore the extent to which job crafting, strengths use, mindfulness, and mobilizing ego resources can improve work engagement, job performance, and other positive employee outcomes.
Research/Practical Implications. The interventions and daily/weekly diary studies suggest that employees who learn to proactively change their work environment, use their strengths, and mobilize their energy feel more engaged from day to day and from week to week. As a consequence, employees feel better, are more creative, and show better job performance. Trait personality factors like neuroticism and extraversion act as moderators of the link between these positive organizational behaviors and work engagement.  Insight in strategies that help employees to be engaged and perform well can help organizations to flourish.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

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