FR-P02-011-interactive - Researching intrapersonal cultural diversity and creativity

Diversity in the workplace
Interactive Poster Presentation
Friday May 19   03:00 PM to 04:30 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
O'Brien Foyer
Human resource management
Diversity in the workplace
Researching intrapersonal cultural diversity and creativity
E. Herzfeldt*
Content: Purpose
Individuals with intrapersonal cultural diversity – also referred to as multiculturals – are individuals who have been exposed to two or more cultures and thus have internalized associated cultural schemas. Building on schema theory, we hypothesize that multicultural experience enhances the ability of creative thinking. We further suggest that metacognition controls the navigation between different cultural schemas and argue that in organizational contexts a loose (vs. tight) organizational culture is associated with a more effective use of different cultural schemas in creativity tasks.
To test our hypotheses, we collect data from long-term expatriates through a questionnaire and apply regression for data analysis.
We expect to find support for an association between multicultural experience and creativity, as well as a mediating effect of metacognition, and a moderation effect of organizational culture for the mediation.
Since the creativity measure in our study is quite general, it remains to be tested how much of our results are generalizable to job specific creativity tasks.
Research/Practical Implications
This study provides first evidence for the effects of metacognition and organizational culture on the association between intrapersonal cultural diversity and creativity in respect to national culture influences. Further research should explore this relationship for other sources of intrapersonal diversity as for example professional cultures. 
As one of the first studies to establish the relationship between multicultural experience,  work context and creative performance this study provides insights into the effects of intrapersonal cultural diversity for work-related outcomes that have received little attention yet.

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