Fr-SYM-1033-4 - Men Experience Reduced Mental Health Differently Than Women

1 hour
Accenture Theatre
Positive organizational behaviour
Men Experience Reduced Mental Health Differently Than Women
S. De Mascia* and EAWOP17-SYMPOSIUM-1033
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art
There has been lots of research into the mental health of women and for decades, there has been a widely held view that women experience higher levels of mental illness than men. Emerging research, however, suggests that men may experience similar levels of mental illness to women but that the way in which they experience mental ill health may be different from women.
New perspectives/contributions
Unfortunately, these models, which focus on recognising the symptoms of stress and mental illness and then encouraging talking therapies are less helpful for men. Men experience different symptoms than women and respond to those symptoms in different ways. The ‘Gold standard’ of manhood, prevalent throughout most of Europe, prevents the average man from engaging in ‘Talking Therapies’, unless they are ‘give permission’ to do so.  In this talk, we will look at the differential experiences of men and what organisations can do to ensure that their organisational wellbeing strategies are more man-friendly.
Practical/research implications
This has some real implications for organisations because the well-being models that we typically see in modern day organisations are based on women’s experience of mental health, which is where the bulk of the research is based.
This talk is based on research around the experiences of men and women with regard to mental health and practical experience of helping organisations improve wellbeing. The talk will be interactive and will focus on a practitioner perspective, in looking at how these differences can be recognised and accommodated within workplaces.


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