Fr-SYM-1033-6 - There Are Hundreds Of Processes And Initiatives That Seek To Promote Well-Being In Work. But The Best Approaches Are Holistic And Interlinked.

1 hour
Accenture Theatre
Positive organizational behaviour
There are hundreds of processes and initiatives that seek to promote well-being in work. but the best approaches are holistic and interlinked.
T. Marsh* and EAWOP17-SYMPOSIUM-1033
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art
There are hundreds of processes and initiatives that seek to promote wellbeing in work. Many are mere gimmicks but many are useful in the short term. This paper covers an interlinked model that shows how the 5 key aspects of wellbeing are inexorably inter-related and that they are best promoted through a holistic framework. This framework must be aimed at embedding long term success. This requires a systemic, practical and co-ordinated strategy as well as holistic approach.
New perspectives/contributions
The talk will also cover the lessons learnt from the world of safety culture and safety leadership where practitioners, over the decades, have learnt the hard way that stand alone initiatives can flounder if the practicalities of human psychology aren’t taken into account. 
Practical/research implications
This paper is based on 20 years of experience in the world of safety management and is illustrated with several case studies.  A series of 50 one to one interviews were undertaken by the author/ The British Safety Council (the research partner) over a period of 6 months. These were with key SHE and HR individuals considered at the leading edge wellbeing promotion in the UK and Europe. 
As well as a new, holistic framework, whilst researching the material several genuinely original specific methodologies were uncovered. These include the advertising agency utilizing several subconscious ‘nudges’. For example, using an offer of cakes as well as apples so that the healthy option was selected not imposed and having this positive choice undertaken in front of a mirror to incorporate the well documented pro-social impact of ‘watching yourself’. In another organization professional comedians were successfully employed to engage male workers in ‘embarrassing’ conversations about male health issues.

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