Symposium 1433 - Shaping Inclusive Workplaces Through Social Dialogue: Good Practices From The International Arena

Discrimination and equality in the workplace
Friday May 19   09:00 AM to 11:00 AM (2 hours)
Human resource management
Discrimination and equality in the workplace
Shaping inclusive workplaces through Social Dialogue: Good practices from the international arena
D. Di Marco 1, M. Euwema 2,*, A. Arenas 1, L. Munduate 1
1Social Psychology, University of Seville, Seville, Spain, 2KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Main Abstract Content: Chairpersons: Donatella Di Marco & Martin Euwema
Discussants: Alicia Arenas & Lourdes Munduate
Contemporary labor markets represent a scenario where diversity is increasingly present. The recognition of women’s and social minority’s rights, the population aging, the elimination of spatial barriers and, consequently, the heterogeneity of society, contribute to more diverse organizations. In doing so, inclusive organizations are focused on values that empower open-mindedness, foster constructive conflict, value new perspectives, and avoid judgmental attitudes, promoting social innovation.
For this aim, Human Resource Management (HRM) policies and practices are the formal and informal rules that structure workers’ rights, entitlements, opportunities and voice.  They shape working interactions between key actors (e.g., employees, supervisors, employee representatives, trade unions, governments, etc.), influencing how organizations develop. In this aspect, social dialogue plays an important role as social innovation strategy. It asks for open dialogue and constructive negotiations between actors involved in order to a) promote a change of attitudes, behaviors and competences on diversity and inclusion, b) develop effective policies and procedural aspects to improve inclusion of vulnerable groups at work.
In this symposium we present the main ideas and contributions of the handbook “Shaping Inclusive Workplaces through Social Dialogue” edited by Springer International, which synthesize key illustrative experiences of inclusion in relevant HR processes, such as Recruitment and selection, Onboarding/socialization, Assessment & Remuneration, Training and Development, Career development, Workplace design (Health & Safety) and Employee relations based on research carried out in different countries and from different disciplines. The symposium is focused on the key role of social dialogue for the construction of HR inclusive and fair processes. 

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