Fr-SYM-1133-4 - Motivations And Taw’S Well-Being: The Role Of Overqualification

Temporary Employment
1 hour
Employment relations
Temporary Employment
Motivations and TAW’s well-being: The role of overqualification
M. J. Chambel*, S. Lopes 1, F. Cesário 2
1Universidade de Lisboa, 2Universidade Europeia & ISPA, Lisboa, Portugal
Main Abstract Content: Purpose - The increase of education in younger generations and the relative scarcity of qualified jobs available for them makes overqualification of temporary agency workers a social issue. We explored the relationships between overqualification and TAW motivation and well-being (i.e. work engagement and burnout) as well as the moderating role overqualification in the relationships between motivation and well-being.
Design/Methodology - Data were collected from a sample of 530 contact center TAW.
We used self-report questionnaire and perform a multigroup analyze.
Results - We verified negative relationships between overqualification and workers intrinsic motivations and burnout. Moreover, overqualification emerged as a moderating factor in the relationship between integrated and identified motivations and workers’ strain. The negative relationship between these motivations and burnout were stronger for workers without overqualifications.
Limitations - Limitations – Cross-sectional design and the use of a self-report questionnaire are limitations of this study.
Research/Practical Implications - Generally, the results suggest that overqualification worsen the strain that result of a job in contact center.
Originality/Value - To our knowledge, the study is the first to analyze the role of overqualifications  to explain TAW well-being in the context of contact center.

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