Fr-SYM-1134-2 - Proactive Behaviors And Innovative Work Behavior Relationship: The Mediation Role Of Political Skills.

Organizational change processes
1 hour
Organizational Change and Development
Organizational change processes
Proactive behaviors and innovative work behavior relationship: the mediation role of political skills.
G. Deprez 1,*, A. Battistelli 1, L.-A. Chénard Poirier 2
1Psychology, Université de bordeaux, Bordeaux, France, 2Psychology, Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada
Main Abstract Content: Purpose. The aim of this research is to examine the relation between proactive behaviors and the innovative work behavior (IWB). Following the recommendations from Potocnik & Anderson (2016) we focus our attention on the promotion and realization phases of innovative behavior. Despite the proactive task aspect of innovation (Parker & Collins, 2010), we verify the hypothesis that the IWB can be a consequence of proactive behaviors, such as taking charge (TC) and constructive voice (CV). We also suggest that political skills (PS) mediate this relation. 
Design/Methodology. A two-time survey (T1 and T2), measuring TC (T1; α = .90), VC (T1; α = .88), PS (T2; α = .83) and IWB (T2; α = .86), was distributed to French workers from public and private organizations (N = 266).
Results. Structural equation modeling analyses were used to test the hypotheses. Firstly, CFA were conduct to analyze the measure's concurrent validity. Secondly, the empirical model present good MFI (χ2 (580) = 883.917, p < .001; RMSEA = .04; CFI = .92; TLI = .92; SRMR = .05) and supported all hypotheses.
Limitations. The self-report procedure implied an unawareness of the impact from TC and CV on the firm-level innovation.
Research/Practical Implications. These results help to clarify the nomological network of change and innovation related constructs. They also introduce new IWB antecedents.
To our knowledge, this study is one of the first to analyze the mediation role played by the PS in the relation between TC, CV and IWB.


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