Th-SYM-1153-4 - Can Decreasing Demands Help? Interactive Effects Of Job Crafting Dimensions On Employability And Job Performance

Thursday May 18   01:15 PM to 02:15 PM (1 hour)
GM Auditorium
Positive organizational behaviour
Can decreasing demands help?
Interactive effects of job crafting dimensions on employability and job performance
P. Petrou 1,*, D. Xanthopoulou 2
1Work & Organizational Psychology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2School of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
Main Abstract Content: Purpose
Previous studies generally support the beneficial role of most job crafting strategies for employee functioning. However, evidence is rather inconsistent regarding the role of decreasing hindering job demands. The purpose of this study was to investigate under which conditions decreasing demands is beneficial. We hypothesized that the effects of decreasing demands on job performance and employability will be positive when the other job crafting strategies (increasing social job resources, increasing structural job resources, increasing challenging job demands) are high.
A 3-week diary study was conducted among 87 Greek employees. Multilevel analyses were applied. 
While increasing structural job resources and challenging job demands generally had favorable main effects, decreasing demands had a less clear role: It related positively to other-reference performance but negatively to employability. As expected, decreasing demands related positively to other-reference performance only when increasing social resources was high, and to past-reference job performance only when increasing structural resources was high. Unexpectedly, decreasing demands related negatively to employability when increasing challenging demands was low but it was unrelated to employability when increasing challenging demands was high.  
The use of self-reports and the small sample size are the main study limitations.
Research/practical implications
Interventions on job crafting should be revised by taking into consideration that the potential costs of decreasing demands may be avoided if increasing resources strategies are applied simultaneously.
Our study uncovers the conditions under which an otherwise unclear job crafting dimension (i.e., decreasing demands) can be of value for employees and organizations.


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