Th-SYM-1153-2 - A Three-Wave Study Of Job Crafting, Psychological Basic Need Satisfaction And Work Engagement

Thursday May 18   01:15 PM to 02:15 PM (1 hour)
GM Auditorium
Positive organizational behaviour
A three-wave study on job crafting, psychological basic need satisfaction, and work engagement
J. J. Hakanen*
Main Abstract Content: Purpose. The aim of this longitudinal study was to investigate whether psychological basic need satisfaction (autonomy, relatedness, competence, and benevolence) at work can mediate the impact of job crafting (increasing resources and challenges) on work engagement.
Methodology. The study used a three-wave, one-year follow-up full panel design among 531 Finnish employees in early childhood education.
Results. Results based on SEM supported the partially mediated model, in which job crafting at T1 predicted psychological need satisfaction at T2, which in turn predicted work engagement at T3. Job crafting at T1 also directly predicted work engagement at T3. Thus job crafting at T1 had both direct and indirect effects on work engagement at T3. 
Limitations. The study was based on one professional group and only self-reports were used.
Research/practical implications. This study suggests that through job crafting, employees can fulfill their psychological basic needs and gain more control, a positive self-image and a connection with others at work (CF. Wrzesniewski and Dutton, 2001), thereby enhancing their work engagement.
Originality. Previous research has shown that job crafting and work engagement are positively interrelated. However, their causal order has remained somewhat unclear, as sometimes job crafting has predicted work engagement and sometimes vice versa. In addition, the mechanism linking job crafting and work engagement has remained understudied. This is one of the first studies to use a three-wave panel design to investigate the relationship between job crafting and work engagement, and to test the mediating role of psychological need satisfaction.

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