Fr-SYM-1438-3 - The Influence Of Mindfulness And Resilience On Situational Exhaustion. Is There A Benefit For Customer Service Employees To Be Mindful?

Emerging themes in I/O psychology
Friday May 19   11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (1 hour)
Accenture Theatre
Emerging themes in I/O psychology
The influence of mindfulness and resilience on situational exhaustion. Is there a benefit for customer service employees to be mindful?
G. Weiher 1,*, S. Scherer 1, L. Beitler 1, K. Trumpold 1, H. Horz 1
1Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Main Abstract Content:  
In the context of increasing psychological strain at the workplace, protective factors are highly relevant. Therefore, mindfulness and resilience are investigated as possible factors for preventing exhaustion in service employees. Theoretically deduced, state mindfulness is supposed to affect variations in situational exhaustion (sE) after customer interactions. Moreover, it is tested if the effect of trait mindfulness on sE is explained by resilience and state mindfulness.
In a diary study, 103 service employees filled out mindfulness and resilience questionnaires (level 2) and up to five standardized protocols of interactions with customers, in which state mindfulness and sE were reported (level 1).
Using multilevel structural equation modelling, negative associations between state mindfulness and sE within encounters were found. Hypothesis-confirming, the effect of trait mindfulness on sE was fully mediated by resilience and the persons’ mean level of state mindfulness, which were negatively associated with sE.
A causal relationship between trait mindfulness and resilience as well as state mindfulness and sE, is not definite. Additionally, potential mechanisms explaining the associations were not considered.
Research/Practical Implications
It does not only seem to be beneficial for service employees to be more mindful in general but especially during customer interactions. Moreover, resilience appears to be an additional beneficial factor, which is potentially fostered by trait mindfulness.
For the first time, the effect of trait mindfulness, resilience, and state mindfulness on sE was shown. In service employees, mindfulness appears to be an important antecedent of resilience and reduced sE.

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