Th-SYM-1491-4 - A Systematic Review Of The Relationship Between Employability, Its Antecedents And Consequences

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Employment relations
A Systematic Review Of The Relationships Between Employability, Its Antecedents And Consequences
S. Pajic 1,*, S. T. Mol 1, D. N. Den Hartog 1
1Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Main Abstract Content: Purpose – In the turbulent economy, where stable careers have been replaced by frequent employment transitions, personal capacities interact with external opportunities and obstacles in shaping ones’ employability (i.e., the odds of securing a job either within the company one is working for or elsewhere). Within the last three decades the investigation of employability has burgeoned, but the current state of the field is often criticized for being fragmented and incongruous. This study aims to contribute towards integration of the literature by providing a quantitative summary on antecedents of employability and its consequences for individual careers and well-being.
Design – Firstly, we comprehensively researched the published literature through April, 2016, using combinations of employability related keywords. Secondly, through multiple rounds of evaluative selection, we narrowed down the initial list of 12,764 to a final set of 350 studies that satisfied a priori inclusion criteria. Thirdly, we meta-analyzed the relationships between employability and its antecedents (contextual and personal) and consequences (career, organizational, and personal) as postulated within the conceptual model and associated hypotheses that were developed for the purposes of this study.
Results – Although the study is in progress, the initial results begin to answer several requests for synthesis and point out the issues in need for further empirical elaboration.
Limitations – Current research focused only on published literature.
Implications – We hope that the results will provide clearer insight for practitioners and policy makers into existing knowledge about antecedents and consequences of employability, and aid in overcoming the science-practice gap within this domain.


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