Symposium 1644 - Using Personality Type To Improve Communication: Research And Practice

Diversity in work teams
Thursday May 18   03:00 PM to 04:00 PM (1 hour)
Teams and workgroups
Diversity in work teams
Using personality type to improve communication: research and practice
J. Hackston 1,*
1OPP LTD, Oxford, United Kingdom
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art
Personality type, is used in many organisations for personal and team development. The MBTI-based type model gives a framework which allows individuals to see how they are similar to, and different from, others. Hence type may be useful in helping people to understand the communication needs of others both within and across teams.
This symposium presents four papers exploring how a knowledge of personality type can be used to improve communication, and covers both research findings and practical applications.
New Perspectives/Contributions
Contributions to this symposium include:
        - Personality type as a key element of social influence. Research demonstrates how personality type plays a key role in both influencing and being influenced, and how considering personality differences can lead to more effective and persuasive communication.
        - Personality type and communication preferences of virtual workers. Examines self-reported use of various communication media comparing traditional, mobile and virtual workers, and how personality type influences the use of different technologies.
        - Using personality type to improve email communication. Research explores personality differences in email use, leading to both general and personality-specific guidelines for improving email communication.
        - Decoding communication issues between MBTI personality types. Demonstrates how imagery, coupled with a knowledge of personality type, can help individuals understand issues in communication with different personality types.
Research/Practical Implications
Provides an evidence base for using personality type in communication-related interventions, and suggest avenues for future research. Each paper includes practical advice or guidelines; the overall implications will be drawn together in a summary session.


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