Fr-SYM-1549-4 - Can A Managerial Intervention Improve Employees’ Work Situation?

Managing change
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Managing change
Can a managerial intervention improve employees’ work situation?
E. C. Nylén 1,*, P. Lindfors 1, P. Le Blanc 2, G. Aronsson 1, M. Sverke 1
1Department of Psychology, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden, 2Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Main Abstract Content: Purpose. Research on psychosocial factors at work has investigated demands, fewer studies have focused on resources. Empirical findings regarding the effects of intervention programs targeting psychosocial factors (job demands, job resources, and personal resources) among employees remain mixed. Little is known about the effects of managerial interventions on employee outcomes. This study aimed to investigate changes in employees’ perceptions of these factors as an effect of an intervention program targeting their managers within a Swedish municipality
Design/Methodology. Questionnaire data on employees’ perceptions of psychosocial job demands (workload, unnecessary tasks, unreasonable tasks), job resources (feedback, control, goal clarity), and personal resources (signaling, limit-setting strategies) were collected before and after the program (4x3 hours during a six-week period). Data from 40 employees, whose managers (N=4) participated in the program, were compared with referents (N=58).
Results. Results from 2(group)x2(time) ANOVAs showed that all demands increased over time while job control decreased. There were no significant group effects and only one interaction effect was significant. Unnecessary tasks increased more among referents than in the intervention group between the two time points.
Limitations. The few results may relate to the short follow-up time, the implementation plan needing further refinement, and issues inherent of the organization and the intervention program.
Research/Practical Implications. The program may contribute to organizations’ work environment strategies, dialogues in the workshops contributed to turning abstract knowledge into concrete action plans.
Originality/Value. This study adds to the limited empirical literature regarding effects of worksite psychosocial interventions among managers for employees’ demands and resources.

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