Fr-SYM-1568-2 - Opening The Black Box: Assessing Micro-Counselling Skills Of Career Counsellors In Action

Consulting, coaching and counselling
Friday May 19   01:15 PM to 02:15 PM (1 hour)
Organizational Change and Development
Consulting, coaching and counselling
Opening the black box: Assessing micro-counseling skills of career counselors in action
F. E. Klonek 1,*
1Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Main Abstract Content: Purpose. Many individuals seek professional guidance by career counselors when they struggle with career decisions. While career guidance is a growing profession, little is known about the quality of practitioners’ counseling skills. The current study closes this gap and presents an observational instrument that objectively assesses practitioners’ behavioral micro-counseling skills.
Design/Methodology. A sample of 53 career guidance sessions were video-taped in order to code counselor’s micro-behaviors during real career guidance sessions. For interrater reliability analyses, 18 sessions were double-coded. For convergent validity analyses, summary counts of micro-behaviors were correlated with empathy ratings and behavior counts from a second observational instrument. For analyses of economy, extractions of short behavior samples (i.e., slices) were compared with behavior count for the entire counseling session.
Results. On average, counselors’ micro-behaviors showed excellent interrater reliabilities. Second, client-centered counselor skills (e.g., questions, listening behavior) converged with conceptually similar behaviors coded from the second observational instrument and ratings of counselors’ empathy. Third, behavior slices of 20 minutes provided accurate estimates for counselor skills exhibited during the entire session.
Limitations. To allow better generalizability, future studies should replicate our analyses in culturally diverse samples and with a larger variety of counseling approaches.
Research/Practical implications. This study takes a behavioral career research process lens and presents a practical instrument to provide quality assurance in in the growing market of career counseling.
Originality/value. By objectively assessing career micro-counseling skills, this study introduces a process research tool that sheds light on the active ingredients of effective career interventions.


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