Th-SYM-1623-3 - The consequences of proactive behaviours for employee well-being

Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
Thursday May 18   11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (1 hour)
O'Connor Theatre
Positive organizational behaviour
Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
The consequences of proactive behaviors for employee well-being
U. Bindl 1,*
1Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, United Kingdom
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art
Proactive behaviors at work, i.e., self-initiated and future-oriented actions that aim to change or improve work situations or oneself, have been theorized as a desirable type of work behavior. Although some research has shown that employee well-being is an important determinant of proactivity, little is known about the processes and outcomes of proactive behaviors on employee well-being. The aim of this symposium is therefore to understand when and how proactivity shapes positive or negative consequences for employees’ well-being at work. This symposium is associated with symposium submission # 1607 to advance our understanding on consequences of proactive behaviors.  
New Perspectives/Contributions
The five studies in this symposium advance our understanding of the consequences of proactivity for employee well-being, by extending the scope of concepts investigated and by introducing different theoretical lenses to investigating the role of proactivity for employee well-being. In brief, the five studies vary in their focus on types of proactivity (e.g., promotion vs. prevention orientated self-initiative; proactive coping; proactive work behavior; innovative work behavior; team-related proactive behaviors), well-being outcomes (e.g., strain, emotions, moods at work), contingencies and processes examined (e.g., task performance, goal attainment, action orientation, proactive personality, hierarchical level), as well as research design (e.g., daily diary study, qualitative case study, laboratory experimental design). 
Research/Practical Implications
This symposium suggests promising theoretical perspectives and research designs to effectively understand consequences of proactivity for employee well-being. It also importantly advances practical implications by suggesting how organizations may facilitate proactivity to enhance employee well-being at work. 


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