Th-SYM-1623-4 - Investing the effects of daily proactivity on well-being

Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
Thursday May 18   11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (1 hour)
O'Connor Theatre
Positive organizational behaviour
Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
Investigating the effects of daily proactivity on well-being
D. Fay 1,*, R. Bagotyriute 1, S. Sonnentag 2
1University of Potsdam, Potsdam, 2University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany
Main Abstract Content: Purpose
Today’s organizations want their members to be proactive, because of its positive contributions to performance. Research on the impact of proactive work behaviors beyond performance related outcomes is just developing. Some findings suggest that proactivity may negatively impact some aspects of daily well-being. Despite the taxing nature of proactivity, it has been found to be highly stable over time. This raises the question about the factors that help sustain proactive actions in spite of their short-term costs. We propose that proactive behaviors can enhance specific aspects of well-being because of its performance enhancing capacity. 
We conducted a daily diary study with a mixed sample of employees (n = 129). Participants responded three times each day to surveys for up to eight workdays (k = 993). Data was collected in the late morning, at the second half of the workday and after the end of work. They reported their level of task performance, promotion and prevention oriented initiative, and indicators of strain / well-being. 
Multilevel regression analyses showed that days characterized by levels of promotion oriented initiative were days with higher well-being at the end of the work day. Mediation analyses suggest that this effect is partly explained by task performance. 
Future research should include objective data of well-being. 
Research/Practical Implications
This research contributes to our understanding on the short-term consequences of proactivity.   
Immediate performance benefits may be one of the mechanisms that may sustain proactive behaviors despite their short-term costs.


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