Th-SYM-1623-5 - Reciprocal relations between Positive Affect and Innovative Work Behaviour

Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
Thursday May 18   11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (1 hour)
O'Connor Theatre
Positive organizational behaviour
Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
Reciprocal Influences between Positive Affect and Innovative Work Behavior
H. Madrid  1,*, M. Patterson 2
1Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chile, 2University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Main Abstract Content: Purpose
Research on individual innovation has supported that positive affect is a strong predictor of innovative behavior. Yet, there has been very limited examination of whether innovative behavior predicts positive affect. Accordingly, this study aims to determine the reciprocal relationships between positive affect, generation and implementation of novel ideas. As previous research has highlighted, we propose that affect and innovative behavior are related in the same week, due to influences of information processing and behavioral approach tendencies. Furthermore, drawing on self-determination theory, we propose innovative behavior as a work event will lead to positive feelings over a week, because this behavior satisfies needs of autonomy, competence and relatedness. 
We conducted a diary study based on 92 employees who reported weekly innovative behavior and positive affect over ten weeks. Data was modeled using within-subjects cross-lagged panel analysis. 
Positive affect was positively related to both idea generation and implementation during the same week. Furthermore, novel idea generation was not related to next week positive affect, whereas novel idea implementation was positively related to the same outcome. 
Reliance on a survey design and self-reported data for both affect and behavior; thus, causality can be only theoretically inferred. 
Research/Practical Implications
Expanding on previous research, our findings suggest that implementation of novel ideas, but not the mere generation of ideas, is a predictor of positive affect and well-being over time. 
This research addresses under-explored issues on innovation research using a sophisticated research design and data analysis.


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