Th-SYM-1644-5 - Decoding Communication Issues Between MBTI Personality Types

Diversity in work teams
1 hour
Leadership and management
Negotiation skills and processes
Decoding communication issues between MBTI personality types
N. Dost 1,*, J. Hackston 1
1OPP Ltd, Oxford, United Kingdom
Main Abstract Content:  
State of the Art
An understanding of personality type can improve communication for both individuals and teams.  Individuals can gain a deeper insight by applying the underlying theory of how preferences dynamically interact with one another.  However, people can find these 'type dynamics' difficult to apply and remember.
In this paper, we demonstrate how the use of imagery can bring this to life, increasing clients' awareness of how they interact and communicate with others with different personality types.
New Perspectives/Contributions
Psychologists are constantly looking for new ways to make it easier to talk about differences in personality.  One way of doing this is to help clients visualise their own and others’ communication style.  The session will introduce new images which represent the type dynamics of each of the 16 MBTI types.  We explain how to use these in coaching or team sessions, illustrated by real-life conflict and communication scenarios.  Participants will understand how to use the images to decode communication issues between two individuals.  They will also learn how two personality types with seemingly small differences may come across very differently.
Research/Practical Implications
The paper will help practitioners apply type dynamics concepts to improve communication in coaching, conflict or team situations, without needing a complicated, time-consuming explanation. 
The use of images in feeding back personality results is still not the norm, yet can give individuals a richer picture of their personality.  Type dynamics adds another level of depth to a person’s self-awareness.


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