Symposium 1816 - Coaching Across Career Span: A Look Inside Best Practices Of Coaching Organizations, Executives, Students, And Faculty

Consulting, coaching and counselling
Friday May 19   03:00 PM to 04:00 PM (1 hour)
Organizational Change and Development
Consulting, coaching and counselling
Coaching Across Career Span: A look inside best practices of coaching organizations, executives, students, and faculty
J. Mcchesney*, D. K. Campana, D. C. L. Courtney, D. R. Olson
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art: According to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), all coaches share a common goal: “equipping people with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities that they need to develop their capabilities and achieve success”. However, depending on the type of coaching being applied and the type of person it is being applied to, approaches to achieving this goal look very different. Specifically, this symposium looks at coaching at different stages: coaching at the organizational level, coaching at the executive level, coaching at the student level, and coaching faculty.
New Perspectives/contributions: In this symposium, we bring together coaches of diverse backgrounds to share their insights, best practices, and experiences. From student coaching at universities to executive coaching for Fortune 200 companies, we take a look at the best practices of equipping people with the various, and often times diverse, set of skills they need to be successful.
Practical Implications: This symposium will be an interactive experience designed for those who are interested or currently find themselves in a coaching role, whether it be in an academic or business setting.
Disclosure of Interest: J. Mcchesney: None Declared, D. K. Campana Conflict with: Professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato, D. C. L. Courtney Conflict with: Executive Coach and Founder of Courtney Consulting Group, D. R. Olson Conflict with: Executive Coach and Founder of Olson Consulting Group


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