Fr-SYM-1816-3 - Coaching At The Executive LevelDr. Richard D. Olson: Founder, Olson Consulting Group

Consulting, coaching and counselling
Friday May 19   03:00 PM to 04:00 PM (1 hour)
Organizational Change and Development
Consulting, coaching and counselling
Coaching at the Executive Level
Dr. Richard D. Olson: Founder, Olson Consulting Group
D. R. Olson*, J. McChesney
Main Abstract Content: Dr. Olson consults in the areas of executive and management appraisal, selection testing, executive coaching, leadership development, and organizational change. He has worked with a range of professionals from first line supervisors to CEOs in U.S.’s largest companies. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and is a Licensed Psychologist as well as a Program Advisor for the MSU, Mankato I-O Program. Prior to starting Olson Consulting Group, he was vice president of a large consulting firm and an executive in a Fortune 200 firm.
State of the Art: Executive coaching is a common approach, and Dr. Olson will review common tools and issues he experiences when coaching executives.
Contributions: Dr. Olson has long-standing experience coaching at the executive level. He will review some of his experiences with coaching, as well as what issues and solutions he has learned through his experiences.
Practical Implications: Audience members will benefit from hearing Dr. Olson’s experiences with addressing issues of leadership development, organizational development, and selection. He will also discuss practical issues surrounding assessments and approaches to performance feedback.
Value: During his presentation, Dr. Olson will share some of his insights regarding coaching executives as well as his innovative and effective approaches to leadership development. Audience members can expect to learn strategies and tools for coaching executives.
Disclosure of Interest: D. R. Olson Conflict with: Founder of Olson Consulting Group, J. McChesney: None Declared

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