Th-SYM-1153-6 - Daily Strengths Use And Employee Well-Being: The Cross-Level Effect Of Personality

jeudi 18 mai   01:15 PM à 02:15 PM (1 heure)
GM Auditorium
Positive organizational behaviour
Daily Strengths use and Employee Well-being: The Cross-level Effect of Personality
A. B. Bakker*, J. Hetland, O. Kjellevold-Olsen, R. Espevik
Main Abstract Content: Purpose. This study among naval cadets combined strengths use and personality theories to develop a multilevel model of employee well-being. We hypothesized that naval cadets would experience more positive affect and work engagement on the days they used their strengths. In addition, we predicted that personality (Neuroticism and Extraversion) would qualify these main effects.  
Methodology. A total of 87 naval cadets first filled out a survey, and then completed a daily diary questionnaire for 30 days.
Results. The results of multilevel modeling showed that daily strengths use was positively related to positive affect and work engagement, after controlling for previous day’s levels of these variables. In addition, we found evidence for the predicted three-way interaction effect. The positive relationships between daily strengths use and changes in positive affect and work engagement were strongest when trait neuroticism was low (vs. high) and trait extraversion was high (vs. low).
Limitations. The study was based on self-report data, and included a unique occupational group, which may limit the generalizability of the findings.
Research/practical implications. Whereas previous research has provided strong evidence for the idea that job and personal resources are important predictors of daily and sustained work engagement, the present study shows that employees can also build their own daily work engagement by using their strengths.
Originality. Our approach responds to calls for a multilevel approach of employee well-being, and shows that personality is an important moderator of the daily strengths use – work engagement relationship.
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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