Fr-OR-S93-4 - The Impact Of Changes In Retirement Age On Work Motives: The Role Of Occupational Future Time Perspective.

The aging workforce and retirement
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Labor market issues
The aging workforce and retirement
The impact of changes in retirement age on work motives: the role of occupational future time perspective.
H. Henry*, D. Desmette 1
1Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Content: Purpose
 Consequently to demographic changes in Western countries, public policies have begun to rise the official age for retirement. On the basis of socio-emotional selectivity theory, this study aims to examine the impact of these changes in retirement age on work motives, through occupational future time perspective (OFTP).
Data were provided online by 64 teachers (60.7% of women, mean age = 43.54 years, SD = 11.67) in Belgian secondary schools. Changes in retirement age were experimentally induced in two conditions (short-term retirement vs. non-mandatory retirement). OFTP, developmental and socioemotional motives were measured with scales adapted from Zacher & Frese (2009), Kooij & Van De Voorde (2011), and Yeung, Fung, & Chan (2013), respectively.
Participants in the non-mandatory retirement condition have higher levels of developmental motives than participants in the short-term retirement condition, and this effect was mediated by increased OFTP. As respect with socioemotional motives, the interaction with age revealed that only older workers (45+) have higher socioemotional motives towards colleagues in the short-term retirement condition, but this effect was not mediated by OFTP.
We did not include measures of mood, which prevents us to control for its potential effect.
Research/Practical Implications
This study highlights the importance of investigating the effects of employment policies related to retirement age, since they may influence work motives. Future research should better understand the role of OFTP as a mediator.
To our knowledge, no study has manipulated time horizons in the workplace, and investigated its effects on work motives.

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