Sa-SYM-2083-3 - The Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities Required For Face-To-Face Versus Computer-Mediated Communication: Similar Or Distinct Constructs?

Cyberspace and virtual teams
samedi 20 mai   10:15 AM à 11:15 AM (1 heure)
Research methodology
Measurement and psychometrics
The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required for Face-to-Face Versus
Computer-Mediated Communication: Similar or Distinct Constructs?
J. Schulze*, M. Schultze, S. G. West, S. Krumm
Main Abstract Content:  
Purpose: There is little doubt that knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) are key for competent interpersonal communication in the 21st century. Competent interpersonal communication, however, does not only include interacting face-to-face (Ftf), but – with the rise of digital media – also in computer-mediated (CM) forms. So far, it remains unclear in how far the same competencies are needed for FtF and CM communication.
Design/Methodology: FtF and CM communication KSAOs were collected in a pilot sample to develop adequate measurement models for the constructs of interest (n = 150; self- and peer reports). In a larger sample of n = 450 (again self- and peer reports), correlated-trait-correlated-method minus one models (CTCM-1) were used to examine the convergence of FtF and CM communication KSAOs. Lastly, structural equation modeling was applied to investigate the predictive validity of communication KSAOs for context-congruent (e.g., FtF KSAOs as predictors of FtF outcomes) and context-incongruent (e.g., FtF KSAOs as predictors of CM outcomes) outcomes.
Results: FtF and CM communication KSAOs showed only low to moderate convergence, thus speaking to the distinctiveness of the constructs. Communication KSAOs showed higher predictive validity for context-congruent as compared to context-incongruent outcomes.
Limitations: Real-life data in addition to self-and peer reports are needed to substantiate the findings.
Research/Practical Implications: The results suggest that communication KSAOs should be measured contextualized to increase predictive validity.
Originality/Value: No study investigated differences between communication KSAOs in a well-grounded theoretical framework and as multi-faceted as in this study.


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