Th-OR-S31-2 - Work Engagement And Age Diversity. The Role Of Motivational Orientation, Work-Family Spillover, And Competence Mobilization Across Age Groups.

Diversity in the workplace
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Human resource management
Diversity in the workplace
Work engagement and age diversity. The role of motivational orientation, work-family spillover, and competence mobilization across age groups.
K. Kopperud*, C. Nerstad 1
1Oslo And Akershus University College Of Applied Sciences, Oslo, Norway
Content: Purpose
This study examines perceived competence mobilization, positive work-family spillover and mastery goal orientation as antecedents of work engagement across different age categories. Specifically, we investigate whether these antecedents relate differently to work engagement dependent on the age of the employees.
A cross-lagged survey was conducted among employees from a Norwegian financial sector organization, resulting in 838 responses and a response rate of approximately 30%. Of the participants, 48% were female. Mean age was 48 years.
Results indicated that employees aged 39 and younger had a mean work engagement score of 5.23, which was significantly lower than for the rest of the age categories. Furthermore, our findings indicated that perceived competence mobilization and positive work-family spillover influenced work engagement positively, although differently, across the age categories. We also found that mastery goal orientation only was significant for employees aged 39 years and above, in predicting work engagement.
Although cross-lagged data provide considerable improvement on cross-sectional data for understanding dynamic processes, the procedure still struggles with identifying causal relationships.
Our findings suggest that the idea of older workers being less engaged is a myth. Rather, managers would do well to provide age-specific resources in support for the well-being of employees of all ages.
We extend previous studies by addressing the role of motivational orientation, work-family spillover, and competence mobilization for work engagement across age groups. Thus, we respond to calls for further research on beneficial working conditions for both older and younger workers.


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