Th-OR-S31-5 - Lucky To Reach The Top? Gendered Perspectives On Achieving A Leadership Position

Diversity in the workplace
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Human resource management
Diversity in the workplace
Lucky to reach the top? Gendered perspectives on achieving a leadership position
C. Lundsgaard Ottsen 1,*
1Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences , Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
Purpose: As organizations become increasingly gender- and culturally diverse, it is important to understand how perspectives on work-related issues vary across gender, as well as how gender differences vary across cultures. In this respect, the perspective of future leaders is of particular importance. The current study examines university students’ perceptions of what it takes to be appointed to a leadership position. 
Methodology: Samples from Qatar and Denmark present a unique opportunity to investigate potential effects of gender because of different norms for men and women. A total of 124 Middle Eastern and 128 Scandinavian university students rated perceived impact of job-related skills, networking upward and pure luck on a Likert scale. Data was analysed with focus on gendered and cultural effects on the perspective of potential future leaders.
Findings: Gender differences showed that women across cultures assessed that luck had less to do with getting appointed to a leadership position than men. Middle Eastern women perceived networking with individuals in powerful positions to be less related to leadership appointment compared to the rest of the participants. Cross-culturally Scandinavians perceived job-related skills and networking to be associated with leadership appointment to a greater extent than Middle Easterners, who in turn expected luck to play as significant a role as networking.
Practice Implications: The current findings provide insights into the perspective of potential future leaders. Changing the gender different perspective on luck likely balances the number of applicants for leadership positions across gender. Furthermore, awareness of different cultural perspectives facilitates cross-cultural collaboration.


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