Symposium 2083 - Virtual Collaboration: Requirements, Collaboration Mechanisms, Leadership And Performance In Teams

Cyberspace and virtual teams
samedi 20 mai   10:15 AM à 11:15 AM (1 heure)
Teams and workgroups
Cyberspace and virtual teams
Virtual collaboration: Requirements, collaboration mechanisms, leadership and performance in teams
B. P. Hámornik 1,*
1Department of Ergonomics and Psychology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art:
Nowadays employees working in teams often collaborate using virtual communication tools. Such environments provide many advantages: reduced travel time, easier recruitment, and cost reduction. Nevertheless, it also comes with a variety of challenges, such as the lack of face-to-face communication, difficulties in establishing shared mental models, and the ambiguity of the leadership role. Research in work and organisational psychology strives to find the best ways to confront these challenges in order to make virtual collaboration more efficient.
New Perspectives/Contributions:
Schulze et al. aims to understand what face-to-face and computer-mediated communication competences may share in common as well as how they may differ. This stresses the need of taking the context in consideration when it comes to communication skills measurements. Considering that the development of shared knowledge and skills needs to be aligned with virtual collaboration, Hámornik et al. explore virtual team training as highly relevant in the development of shared mental models. Furthermore, the study of Kost et al. sheds light on the question of what type of leadership behaviours may affect co-presence and subsequently rise of virtual teams’ performance. Finally, taking in consideration ‘people oriented outcomes’ of virtual project teams, as a complementary part of task performance project success, Kenda et al. looks at the well-being and collective productive energy of virtual project employees.
Research/Practical Implications:
Looking at the interplay of virtual work related challenges, the symposium provides innovative support and solutions to enhance virtual teams’ productivity in light of work and organisational psychology theories.


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