Fr-SYM-2234-5 - Meaningfully Different - The Social Identity Approach To Diversity In Teams

Diversity in work teams
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Teams and workgroups
Diversity in work teams
Meaningfully different - The Social Identity Approach to Diversity in Teams
S. Stegmann 1,*, R. van Dick 2, Y. Guillaume 3
1Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2Institute of Psychology, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 3Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Main Abstract Content: Purpose
Building on the social identity approach, we posit that team diversity leads to more information elaboration (IE) if the team members identify with what constitutes diversity in the particular team. Yet, this will only lead to more IE, if they also identify with the team and believe in the value of diversity.
We studied responses from 238 postgraduate students (MBA, MSc) working together in ethnically diverse teams (Study 1). Questionnaires were administered at three points in time. We controlled for objective ethnic diversity. The findings were replicated with an independent dataset of 373 students (Study 2).
We found a three-way interaction explaining IE: Identification with the ethnic background is associated with more IE if team members identify with the group and if they have high pro-diversity beliefs.
We were not able to conduct a fully cross-legged design. Therefore, causal interpretations, although in line with existing theory, are only tentative.
Research/Practical Implications
The findings demonstrate the added value of taking into account individual identification with a particular diversity dimension, in addition to more established constructs in diversity research.
Previous research often looked at diversity as an objective feature of the group or subjective appraisals thereof. Little research has addressed the question whether team members actually care about what makes them different from others. This might explain null-findings of past studies. Furthermore, the present results have implications for the discussion on whether (and how) diversity actually has to be perceived in order to have any effect.


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