Fr-SYM-703-2 - Once An Impression Manager, Always An Impression Manager? Antecedents Of Honest And Deceptive Impression Management And Variability Across Interviews

Selection methods
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Employee Selection
Selection methods
Once an Impression Manager, Always an Impression Manager? Antecedents of Honest and Deceptive Impression Management and Variability across Interviews
N. Roulin 1,*, J. Bourdage 2
1University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, 2University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
Main Abstract Content: Purpose: Research has examined the antecedents of applicants’ use of impression management (IM) tactics in employment interviews. All existing empirical studies have measured IM in one particular interview. Yet, applicants generally interview multiple times for different positions, and thus have multiple opportunities to engage in IM. Similarly, recent theoretical advances in selection and IM research suggest that applicant behaviors should be considered as dynamic and adaptive in nature (e.g., Bangerter et al., 2012; Roulin et al., 2016). In line with this perspective, this study examines the role of individual differences in both applicants’ use of IM tactics and the variability in IM use across multiple interviews.
Design/Methodology: 80 senior Canadian business students completed personality measures. They later participated in a total of 448 job interviews with local organization, and completed IM measures.
Results: Extraverted applicants tend to engage in more honest self-promotion but do not adapt their IM approach over time. In contrast, applicants who possess an undesirably personality profile (i.e., low on Honesty/Humility and Conscientiousness, but high on Machiavellianism, Narcissism, Psychopathy, or Competitive Worldviews) tend to use more deceptive IM and are also more likely to adapt their IM over time.
Limitations: The sample of applicant was small.
Research/Practical Implications: The personality profile of deceptive IM users is often associated with undesirable workplace outcomes. If they can obtain better evaluations from interviewers, deceptive IM becomes a potential threat for organizations.
Originality/Value: This study is the first to measure IM use and variability in IM use across multiple real interviews.


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