Fr-SYM-703-4 - Should We Explain What Awaits Them? Information As A Double-Edged Sword For Technologically Advanced Job Interview Procedures

Selection methods
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Employee Selection
Selection methods
Should we explain what awaits them? Information as a double-edged sword for technologically advanced job interview procedures
M. Langer 1,*, C. König 1, A. Fitili 1
1Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany
Main Abstract Content: Purpose:
Job interviews could dramatically change due to novel technologies (e.g., automatic measurement and interpretation of non- or paraverbal behavior). Such technologies are already used in practice although applicants’ reactions to them are unknown. Thus, we explored whether providing applicants with different levels of information on novel technologies in job interviews could influence fairness perceptions and organizational attractiveness, because giving information should make procedures more transparent and understandable. In addition, applicants’ experience with these technologies (e.g., due to studying computer science) could also impact their reactions.
In a 2x2 design (level of information low vs. high; computer science vs. other students), we provided participants (= 120, half of them computer science students) online with either low or high amount of information about a technologically advanced interview. Afterwards, participants watched a video showing this interview. Following, participants filled out several questionnaires.
Information worked as a suppressor: it had a positive indirect effect on overall organizational attractiveness through perceived information known and openness, and a direct negative effect on organizational attractiveness. Furthermore, there were no differences between computer science students and other students.
Participants only saw a video, reducing their immersion into the situation.
Research/Practical Implications:
Information is a double-edged sword as it increases fairness perceptions but at the same time lowers organizational attractiveness. Furthermore, technologically advanced job interviews do not seem to attract computer-experienced people.
Advancing applicant reaction research on novel technologies for job interviews. 


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