Fr-SYM-703-5 - Fairness In The Interview: The Role Of Applicants’ Expectations

Selection methods
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Employee Selection
Selection methods
Fairness in the interview: The role of applicants’ expectations
A. Wilhelmy*, M. Kleinmann 1, K. Melchers, L. Schneider 2
1Department of Psychology, Zurich, Switzerland, 2GGW Homburg, Homburg , Germany
Main Abstract Content: Purpose
Applicants’ fairness perceptions influence organizational attractiveness. However, applicants enter interviews with expectations in mind (e.g., on how the interview will be conducted), and these expectations are likely to affect how applicants react to the interview. The aim of our study was to increase our theoretical understanding of applicants’ fairness expectations by using a longitudinal design and incorporating different theoretical frameworks.
We conducted a three-wave field study with 127 real candidates who applied for a Bachelor’s program and were selected based on interviews. Fairness expectations (interpersonal, informational, procedural, and distributive) and baseline values of organizational attractiveness were assessed 1-2 weeks before the interview. Fairness perceptions (interpersonal, informational, and procedural) were assessed directly after the interview. Distributive fairness perceptions and organizational attractiveness were assessed after applicants had received their interview results.
We found that interpersonal, informational, and procedural fairness expectations indirectly influenced organizational attractiveness via fairness perceptions.
In addition, we found that expectation-perception congruence had an effect on organizational attractiveness regarding procedural fairness, and that this effect was independent of the absolute values of expectations and perceptions.
We used self-report measures to assess expectations and perceptions, which is a well-established method, but may imply common-method variance. To counteract this potential limitation, we used a longitudinal study design.
Research/Practical Implications
It seems advisable to increase applicants’ fairness expectations and to make sure that applicants’ procedural fairness expectations are met during the interview.
We contribute to the debate on applicants’ expectations by using different theories and longitudinal field data.


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